Russia Raydget new release PowerBox : Mini PC with the latest 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

The computer brand from Russia, Raydget new release the mini PC, SlimBox V and PowerBox V adopt Intel 5th generation Intel® Core™ processor which is the latest 14 nm manufacturing process technology worldwide , code-name Broadwell, it with better performance and also achieve the best balance between power consumption and the radiating under the palm size.


The new release PowerBox V redefined the Mini PC, which made differences from the other models of Raydget released before. It with the new redesigned thermal module, and the thinness only increased by 5mm to 21mm, the USB port from 2 increased to the 4 USB 3.0 ports , and the HDMI port also from 1 increased to 2. Beside the non-spacing mini size, in addition, it is also a compact portable and fully-functional PC workstation.


Raydget improve the efficiency of the commuters carry with PC


If you are the user needs to carry a PC from home between office, you can leave the 17-inch monitor, keyboard and mouse on your office desk, just put the Windows PC which size as a small-phone in your pocket.


In home or meeting room, you can transmission the screen of PC desktop by using the Intel WiDi to the television or projector, and launch the App, your smart phone or tablet will become a virtual mouse and keyboard through the WiFi.  PowerBox V have built-in 8G RAM and up to 1TB SSD, make the job and entertainment portable easily.


Raydget SlimBox V and PowerBox V will be new release in 2015Computex, booth M1220.

Welcome to visit our booth.

Raydget SlimBox mini PC─Extremely Portable and Multi Function

Living in the age of mobility technology, facing the new trend of BYOD(Bring your own device), we constantly need Window or Linux operating system for our daily basis, from precise work to home entertainment. Now what we need is a portable easily carry mini PC: Raydget SlimBox.


Raydget has presented the new generation computer SlimBox mini PC with extremely light weighted also includes HDMI port, because there are many different sizes and types of display equipment around our daily life, such as TV in our living room, Projector in the conference room, and the HDMI monitor in the workplace, even can show and operate on any tablet with [Teamviewer] software. 


We can turn our android or iOS smart phone into a remote control or a keyboard with [Gmote] when presenting a presentation with clients, or watching movies after hard work at your home, Moreover, with intel’s advanced wireless technology and WiDi function, easily transfer computer’s screen to bigger size TV uninterrupted, allow you build your own wireless home entertainment hub.


Raydget SlimBox mini PC compress a fully functional computer into a hand hold size and only with 1.6cm thickness, making the ideas of easily to carry, much lighter weight, and power saving, even put it into your pocket. An extremely portable and multi function, stylish exterior case, and showing the perfection, can attract all eyes around you. In addition, you would like to join a cocktail party after work with a small clutch.


Powered by Intel® processors from Atom to Haswell CPU and rich I/O capabilities , we can connect with USB/ Ethernet/Speaker/HDMI port and build-in WiFi / Bluetooth function to use NAS、printer、speaker or other devices even connect a USB hub to make full compatible expansion as your own entertainment hub. 90% power consumption off than using general desktop. It also has option of SlimBox with various RAM and SSD.


“Raydget” - a brand comes from Russia, have accumulated deep exclusive integrated technology from 1980s attempts to create a brand-new relationship between PC and people. Just like the slogan, “De” your weight become “Light” and “DeLight your life! ”.


Raydget welcomes you to join our annual big event in 2014 Computex Taipei, Taiwan Nangang exhibition hall booth #M0504, experience the new generation mini PC and new PC lifestyle!For more information, please visit:

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